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Creating Modern Art Using Nontraditional Techniques

Cerebral Chaos


Art is a reflection of emotions, a silent conversation between the artist and the viewer. Each work depicting a frozen moment in time.

The purely abstract works are created through a process of movement and chemical reactions bringing together the opposing elements of control and chaos. Allowing the paints to act and react as water enveloping the canvas like an ocean. Sometimes calm and smooth, at other times restless.

The abstract portraits are designed utilizing mixed media on canvas to create texture, depth, and perspective.

The portraits are not meant to be completely realistic but flawed, as we all are. They portray the complex and ever changing feelings that are within all of us.

Both the abstractions and the abstract portraits mirror the artist. In a way, art allows the artist to communicate without words.

It is not only the relationship between the artist and the art but also with the audience.

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