A Professional Artist With A Unique Vision

About the Artist - IO

IO resides and practices art in Vienna, immersing herself in a world of creativity. She has a BS in interior design, giving her years of study in both art and design. These two concepts are the very foundations of her art. Within interior design, her strengths were spatial design, AutoCAD/drafting, and lighting. Although these concepts flow into her art and remain a constant part of her, she breaks it down using deconstructionism. In doing that, she translates herself into each and every individual artwork.

In her pure Abstractions she uses a mix of chemical reactions and movement so each piece can not be duplicated and is a one of a kind.

In her Abstract Portraits she tries to capture the emotion we all feel and uses mixed media on canvas giving it a tactical texture. 

Statement from the Artist:

"Having lived in various locations ranging from Luanda, Angola, to my current home in Vienna, Austria, has not only exposed me to diverse cultural viewpoints but has also integrated me into them. This has granted me a unique outlook on the world, as well as the art and cultures it encompasses. Embracing each moment during my travels.”